Monday, 15 September 2014

Blind and band

There really is no connection between these two random makes other than their initial letter...  but I am attempting to catch up with past makes and so am throwing these together.

The blind is of the roman sort and is looking rather pretty in the sitting room
I used a kit from John Lewis thinking it would be easier than purchasing all the separate pieces, though now I'm not so sure. Certainly the final threading of the cords was easier as the potentially confusing part at the top came ready threaded only leaving me to thread the ends through the blind tape. But the instructions were minimal which I think could lead to some hair tearing and wringing of hands and possibly tears for those expecting more guidance. Happily I managed to avoid these emotions and just decided it couldn't be that tricky. Luckily by the time I realised that you needed to cut each pice of blind tape so that the holes for the cords lined up mine did. And I just know there were other times I felt the instructions could be improved but now I can't remember. Any way the blind works smoothly and looks like a roman blind should so we are happy!

The kit comes with a clear plastic cleat which we replaced for a white metal version, and the wooden pine-look pull was given a totally unnecessary but looks much nicer for it coat of gentle blue paint.

Here's a better photograph of the colour of the fabric - a pretty Cath Kidston print bought for Sweet Pea Cottage, which we moved from nearly four years ago. Probably purchased a year or two earlier than that when we had no plans to move. Luckily it takes me an age to get around to making curtains and blinds so I never got around to making them for Sweet Pea Cottage!

And the headband... this is bobbles and baubles easy ten minute versatile headband made using a small bit of cotton from the basket
It really is a ten minute make! Parcelled up with some sewing bits for Anna's birthday
Happy birthday, Anna!

Friday, 12 September 2014

The rainforest explorer vest

Another make for P - they had an Amazon day at school and were asked to go dressed in something inspired by the Amazon. P decided he wanted to go as an explorer and I smiled as I knew just the thing - the explorer vest from oliver + s' little things to sew
Patch's input was that TRF must be written in red on the waistcoat under the top pocket - TRF for The Rainforest Foundation, the name of the class company. Other than that this Mummy could do as she liked! So off to the local fabric shop in the hope of some cheap cotton in suitable colours. No cheap cotton was to be found but they did have some cheap and rather horrible poly type twill. This fabric stretches and was no fun. But it was sort of the colours I went looking for.

I did have fun!
If you make this vest please do make it with bellow pockets. They make for a slightly more involved sew but are so very much worth it. They even make this one made out of the most horrible fabric possible look sweet on a little one. And that back pocket!

And every explorer needs a hat... the reversible bucket hat from the same book

Put with some linen shorts and green t P was ready to explore the Amazon! I do wish I had used a nicer fabric to make these as P wears them a lot. Oh well

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Granny Doreen

Week six of Simply Crochet's Granny a week. I like the simplicity of Granny Doreen though she is rather petite. Do so wish these Grannies were a constant size.

Monday, 8 September 2014

The Flash costume

Maybe because I say yes to P's requests for most Mummy makes he looks so happily expectant when he makes another. And so it happened that P was invited to a party where he could dress as any favourite character. He asked to be Flash. Or is it The Flash? Anyway I had no idea who this fictional person was. I attempted to persuade P to go in one of his already made costumes. I tried to reason with him that the invite said favourite character and that surely this couldn't really be a favourite as I wasn't aware of them - this was at the point when I realised looking at that lovely little face that I was indeed going to be making a costume so I could try to make it one I would enjoy doing. And that is how I ended up putting together this Flash costume.
And mostly it really was putting together. The red trousers were bought and I was planning to buy the red long sleeve t too. But not one anywhere. By this stage I realised I was going to have to dye a long sleeve white t and the only shop to sell long sleeve white tees (this was the summer) was closed due to flooding. So I dyed a slightly too short t we already had which is slightly annoying as it started out slightly too small. Also slightly annoying that the washing machine rubber trim is still, may many washes later, a delightful shade of deep pink.

The hood is the helmet pattern from Emma Hardy's cute and easy costumes for kids, cut from a cheap and cheerful adult size red t, and the mask is from the same book. More felt was then used for the flashes - I sandwiched heavy duty interfacing in between the layers of the flashes on the head. The Flash does also have flashes on his legs but I decided to keep these trousers flashless as P has been wearing them as everyday trousers.
I do believe The Flash would also clean his boots before any mission but it gets muddy round here. 

Happily one of the Daddys at the party recognised this as a Flash costume so I was happy. And so was P. Very much so. What will he request next?

Friday, 5 September 2014

A round-up of birthday tees

Gosh, the oldest of these was made in maybe May? Hmm, no actually P's would have been made in January. And not sure they are really a make as the only sewing involved is around the numbers as these are all shop bought ts. Though I have made my first t, and it was fun, so maybe that will change! 

A fun way to use up some of the smaller pieces in the fabric pile. And yes, P did choose his fabric. He'd spied the leftovers from making his car seat cushion a little while before his birthday and asked me so enthusiastically to please make him a birthday t with it. What was a Mummy meant to do?

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Granny Ardith

Gosh, it's been a while
Granny Ardith. Week five of Simply Crochet's Granny a week. Another sweet one!

Monday, 25 August 2014

A summery skirt

The simplest of summer skirts... the width of the fabric joined with a french seam, an elasticated waist and a cheery strip added at the bottom. I used two lengths of skinnier elastic at the waist because I like the look, and the yellow band was added as the ribbon hem in (the free!) Lazy Days Skirt from Oliver+S

The dreamy fabric is Bartholomeows reef deep water with a Kona cotton solid, probably lemon, used as the trim. These fabrics are beautifully soft. Both from the ever so lovely Sew and Quilt. Oh so happily for online ordering this landed on my doormat in its pretty pink packaging amazingly quickly, as usual. No waiting around for the postie for days and days. And oh I want a skirt like this!
Happy birthday, Molly! Hope you are having fun being six...

And those few paragraphs seem to be all I can manage these summer holidays! This summer has sped by, far quicker than any other holiday. We have had a fun time doing things, seeing friends, a holiday in Devon, and gentle days. I thought I would find lots of crochet time - this was to be the summer of the hexie blanket - and I have taken it to most places where it has languished in its bag. Devon was cold (with hail) so the perfect place for some crochet where I could bury myself under the blanket in progress but a little P kept returning to the beach shelter as he was chilly and we spent most of the holiday playing top trumps and Uno (thank you Linda and Ems!)
How are you spending the bank holiday? Patch has already dragged out game of life, recently discovered in a charity shop, and I have plans to fill the wardrobe built yesterday. This is the start of my sewing room (how grand) redecorate... so far I've painted the wall the wardrobe is in front of. And that is all. So three more walls and wallpapering to go! This is one of those wardrobes that is miraculously going to solve all of our household clutter, and yet I seem to have filled much of it and we still have clutter. Hmmm. Happy bank holiday!