Friday, 12 February 2016

Beastie feet without the beastliness

 I suppose the only beastly thing about these slippers is their name - Beastie Feet from Kat Goldin's Crochet at Play - as I missed off the beastly toes of the original pattern. This winter was the year of the handmade slippers as presents, and as the pattern I had already tried out (oh yes, there are many more of these to show) would have needed a lot of fiddling to make it fit a six year old, I decided to give this pattern a go though keeping my original plan of pompom slippers.

I made the 6year old size for a nearly six year old, and they fit just fine. Wool is tricky... I think it may be some Wendy chunky as I have the paper wrappers for this and the colours seem right. I'm usually so much better than this at keeping a record of wool used! So, Wendy Serenity chunky it is in colours ochre and Tarmac.

These were fun to make until the sewing together bit, that was a little fiddly. They would probably have looked neater finished in the same wool but I thought I was going to like the contrast, and also by this time (these were actually the last slippers to be made using this wool) I had used up all the ochre wool.

Happy birthday, Pippa!
And I do still want to make this pattern again, this time in all their beastly glory...

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Keeping our eggs warm

I had so much fun knitting these adorable little egg hats. Almost as much fun as making the small - for me - pom-poms for the top, though I still wanted the pom-poms to look oversized for the hats, just as I would a full grown hat for a real head.
 These are the egg cosy caps from Jessica Biscoe's Knitting Smitten. I used all sorts of unknowns from the wool basket, as long as they were white or a Christmas red and vaguely dk. And rather than jab myself with numerous little sticks I knitted these on a long circular using the magic loop method. I think P may need a boiled egg before swimming

Monday, 25 January 2016

A pile of crochet coasters

There may be some photographs of a rather festive mug included. Just warning in case my delayed catch-up of festive makes upsets your idea of seasonally appropriate makes. Again, I could have got away with it's winter so am embracing the hygge feel...if it wasn't for the Father Christmas mug. Oh well. I should also mention that this isn't the last of the festive catch-ups - more to come and there may even be a twinkling Christmas tree in the background. Sorry.

So today, a pile of crochet coasters
 I looked on Ravelry and then cobbled together my own pattern for these circular coasters to fit with the wool I wanted to use. I know I started off with a magic circle and proceeded to crochet rounds of single crochet with some increases but as to exact numbers I no longer have any idea. And that I used a smaller hook than that suggested for the wool to make nicely dense coasters. If you want to crochet your own pile of coasters I recommend finding a good Ravelry pattern! Maybe one day I will actually make some notes as I go along. But it was Christmas, presents to be made, panforte to munch with mugs of coffee...

And the wool - Cascade 220 in harvest, Atlantic and navy
Hope you are enjoying lots of steaming mugs on your wooly coasters, Linda and Ems!

Monday, 18 January 2016

A rather belated Happy 2016

Oh my. Such a long time. My camera died on Christmas Eve and as I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to read my waffle without some pretty photographs of makes, I have been rather quiet here. And no photographs of Christmas for us this year which I am sad about. Oh well, luckily a new camera has arrived though I am yet to understand it. And have no idea how to get the photographs from it to here, so until I have got it out of its box properly I shall show some makes from well before the festive season (Linda, I need you!) Which I have just realised I could have shown during the weeks of silence. Oh well.

I worry that it is already indecent to be showing festive makes but if we can ignore the images of tinsel and red glad gentlemen popping up here this week, and instead focus on the seasonal evergreen tree and other wintery things, that would be great. It really is quite cold and wintery here. Though no snow. Boo
 A festive skirt for P's friend Molly... Knowing Molly's liking of bright skirts I tried to chose festive fabric that she would like to wear while I would still be happy to say why yes, I did make that! So from Frumble I selected some Michael Miller fabric called Trim the Trees Evergreen and a gorgeous dotty fabric - Springs Creative's Christmas Basic Dot
More Christmas makes in the next few days...

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Think it must be December...

 Some early wrapping for P's advent books
And some festive gnomes have come out of the airing cupboard. A few newly purchased decorations are dotted around as far too lovely to put away, and then this afternoon after swimming is the time to decorate. Tree and boxes of decorations patiently waiting.

I've been gently making, and am hoping for some lovely cosy times with twinkly lights, candles, the smells of Christmas and some crochet or knitting over the next week or so. But before all that here are probably the easiest recent makes
Birthday tees for Sufyan and Oliver.

Right, off to have a peek at those Christmas decorations...

Monday, 23 November 2015

A crochet collar

Oh my, this little collar has been worn so much. The crochet collar, designed by Leanne Garrity, came as a kit with issue 35 of Mollie Makes. The simple instructions were easy to follow, and this really is a what shall I do with a tiny amount of crochet time that gives me a finished make. I used the button provided, but changed the squeaky wool for a softer bamboo wool from the basket.

The instructions are available here, so you too can make yourself a sweet collar...

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

A halloween cat

P requested this Halloween cat while looking through a copy of Simply Crochet. I went on to forget this conversation, but P didn't, and when we later talked about Halloween P reminded me of this cat. So no Halloween costume this year - P was happy to wear his Harry Potter one again - as long as there was a cat.

The kit is Susan Yeates' Amigurumi cat from issue 36 of Simply Crochet. A lovely pattern as the body is made in one piece, so one less body part to sew on at the end. I used a part ball of Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran in charcoal, which seems a little decadent for a child's toy, but it has made a delightfully soft cat, and it was an already started ball from the basket. Halloween kit was made with a 4.5 mm hook, rather than the 3mm used in the pattern, which also uses a finer 4ply wool. The green button cat's eyes are from the button tin, so this was a make which was gathered together and made in an eve.

Hope you had some spooky fun!