Monday, 15 August 2016

Merchant and Mills Orton Bag

This may just be the perfect summer bag for taking to the beach or park. (Mr R did question that statement, and wondered why this bag was in any way better than the purchased reusable-type canvas bags we had previously been using. I ignored him.)

This is Merchant and Mills' free Orton bag pattern, described as a marvellous oversized linen bag... it really is! Both marvellous and oversized
Fabric is some linen in gooseberry from FabricRehab. I may have chosen this colour simply because it is called gooseberry.

The pattern asks for the facings to be kept in place with a cross stitch on either side panel so I managed to introduce a little grey because this greeny-yellow and grey - perfect!
Hope you are enjoying these summer days... I've managed to find some crochet time as well as early morning sewing. Happy summer!

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

A french rose and powdered egg citron

This wool was purchased just because I couldn't walk away leaving it on the shelf - they looked so delicious all piled together. Though I had no plans for them I bought a couple of balls of each of the beautifully named powdered egg and french rose, a 4 ply wool by Excelana. I then spent a happy while looking through my Ravelry oh-yes-one-days and decided on the Citron shawl by Hilary Smith Callis. This really is a summery, ice-creamy sort of shawl
I knitted two extra repeats, which meant that by the end I had over 730 stitches on that ruffle edge, but it was simple knitting, just the thing for television watching and days out and about. Now to finish some other ongoing makes. Oh, and short and sweet blog posts are about all I can squeeze into these gentle summer days!

Friday, 29 July 2016

Making something out of the these-can-go-to-the-charity-shop-pile. First up, sandbox pants

I realised, about this time last year, that the opportunity for me to make trousers or shorts for P from Mr R's cast-offs was limited. And so I rescued some trousers from the pile and set to. There are a few things to show, once I have got around to photographing them. Most - actually all - were made last year when this realisation hit. Let's hope that they still fit.

One summer's day last year P and I popped over to fabric rehab to get some bunting making fabrics for Linda and Ems' wedding. While we were looking through the scrap baskets there, P came across this car fabric and asked if I could make him a pair of shorts. Erm, no, remember this was the scrap basket but as it was a largish scrap I thought it could be used as a trim.

The pattern is Oliver + S' Sandbox Pants, shortened into fairly short shorts. Can't remember why, possibly there was a hole in the knee of the trousers I was making them from? But then they wouldn't have been in the charity shop pile... Gosh, can't remember, maybe these were in the throw out or use for rags pile. Do you all have such piles dotted about? Anyway, the trousers used were a lovely soft chino type that had been worn and washed many times. So soft, but also a little faded, but this can be excused because of the softness. What can not be excused is the apparent uneven length of the legs. I'm hoping it's just the angle of the photograph as I've not noticed it all the times P has worn these shorts
 Oops, still looking a little wonky on!
 Looking slightly more balanced from the back
P thinks it quite funny that he's wearing clothes made from Daddy's, probably why this pair of shorts are still a favourite this year. 

I was planning a gardening type day today as P is having a Granny and Grandpa day, so all quiet here. But we have rain. So I am catching up with a few jobs, and then perhaps some crochet time before meeting up with them this afternoon to go and watch The BFG. Hope you are having a lovely summer!

Saturday, 23 July 2016

End of term

This end of term seems to have crept up a little. Which is odd as there have been plenty of helpful hints of its arrival - sport's day, summer play, morning with new teachers, and even sunny days. It's been a lovely few weeks meeting with friends after school for playing and ice cream, and happily I've managed some crochet time sitting in the sun in the various playgrounds.

End of term means end of term presents, and this year it has been necklaces for all. Not perhaps all, as not sure Dan would wear such sparkles, though he seemed happy with some Adnams...
Beads are from a few different Etsy sellers.... the smaller beads are from BeadStampedeUK, the larger ones from Bead Service and Snoochy. Some of the larger beads also came from bigbeadlittlebead, along with the chain. All were delivered really quickly. 

I made some of these for myself too, and some have been given as birthday presents. Any friends reading this with birthday coming up, please look surprised when you unwrap your parcel, as I think I may be giving these as presents for a little while yet.

So, summer holidays. We have been having some great fun these first few days... some lovely friends who now live in Qatar were back for a week so on the first day of the holidays a picnic and gathering was planned. Patch has missed his best friend so much, but they have had a dreamy couple of days together - including their first sleepover! - and this should keep them going until we see them again at the beginning of September. Today swimming and then a treat in the sun at our local barn cafe. And some crochet for me with a cold drink. Bliss! I may have my first crochet jumper to show you soon at this rate.... Happy summer holidays!

Monday, 11 July 2016

Birthday noddlehead trail tote the second

Food shopping done and put away, wild winds and thunderstorms curtailing any gardening activity today, so finally I am here. Obviously ignoring Mount Ironing
There has been some making, too! Lovely Linda mentioned that she would like a larger bag, but that she really liked the Noodlehead trail tote made last year for her birthday (see here). Happily, two things that I could easily combine by making the larger size trail tote. I don't think Linda minded having similar presents two years in a row...
Quite a different look from the first trail tote, this time I used a brown waxed canvas-type fabric from the delicious Merchant and Mills, and the gorgeous webbing for the strap was from there too. The slider and ring are from Bobbin Girl  and the zip from Calico Laine
You can just see peeking out some of the lining fabric in the photo below... four corners weave cross in gold, found at the equally delicious Fabric Rehab. I need more of this summery yellow fabric
The details of the bag don't show up in these photographs, such as the well placed darts to give a well shaped bottom, and whilst it may be a little more subdued than Trail Tote the First, I do think Trail Tote the Second is a useful everyday bag. Hope you like your bag, Linda!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

A pretty crochet collar

I've been quiet here as I thought I had nothing to show, yet a quick glance at my photos showed two as yet unmentioned makes. Two! So you shall see me again soon-ish. There has been some making but what is missing is some bright day so that I have a hope of taking a passable photograph. I suppose there have been moments of brightness over the last few weeks, though these moments have been so fleeting that I have dashed outside either to sit or garden and not given a moment's thought to the fact that now is my chance to take a photograph or two. Hopefully when we have a prolonged sunny spell I shall seek some shade and retire inside where I shall spy my abandoned camera and click happily away. Until then please make do with some seasonally inappropriate crochet.
This is 'Collar' from Sarah Hatton Knits '10 Simple Crochet Projects' - a gorgeous booklet with its matt pages, beautiful photographs and simple projects. So many more that I plan to make. I shall add them to the list. 

The pattern suggests, and I actually did use, Rowan Softknit Cotton, purchased from John Lewis. This is the colour seaweed and it is such a gorgeous cotton to work with - soft, drapey and squishy. I made the longer version, sewed on a button from Great Gran's tin and proceeded to wear it lots. I do already have the wool for the shorter version, so you may see that soon!

Friday, 17 June 2016

A pile of clutches

I seem to be making piles of things at the mo... a pile of clutches here, last time it was a pile of tees. I've been saving up similar makes, waiting for a brighter day to photograph them but the brighter days have been replaced for the moment with grey and rather than wait for who knows how long, the gloomy photographs will have to do. And anyway some of these were quickly photographed before being parcelled off to friends in the gloom of winter, so at least all the photographs will look similar.

First in the pile is my favourite
I love, love the fabric. I was a lucky duck and won a giveaway of some fabric of my choice hosted by the delightful m is for make . Such a tricky decision!  Finally I selected this fabric, Kokka Fabric's half rounds from the charms collection. Or is it half round charms? Not sure, and I can't find it at m is for make anymore. It is gorgeous though - gold gently sparkly scallops on canvas. Thank you Kate! 
This was made for a friend. Oh, and I may have made one for myself too! So happy that I found some metal zips that I like... finding nice colours with an attractive zip pull in the UK has been as tricky as finding nicely coloured leatherette. These are from Bobbin Girl and have a pleasingly shaped doughnut zip pull and a good choice of colours. Didn't think to check my zips were sewn in the same direction. Oh well, I won't be using them at the same time.

Next is one made for a friend from a barkcloth remnant found at Fabric Rehab
There are two of them, not just the same clutch photographed twice, because as luck would have it there was enough fabric to make myself one as well. Is it possible to have too many? I am carrying my pretty jelly basket most days now that summer is here, and these are also great used as a pouch for car keys and anything else of a size that may easily tumble out of the jelly basket. Actually, now that I think about it the keys are too big to fall through the holes of the jelly bag, it's more that I feel they and other small things are vulnerable floating freely in the bottom of the basket. So I need pouches. And lots of them. And look, odd zips again.

I have realised that no fabric is safe from my clutch making...